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How to produce a Pop Smoke style beat on BandLab

How to produce a Pop Smoke style beat on BandLab

Pop Smoke sadly joined an illustrious list of music superstar might-have-beens. Taken away from the hip hop world far too early, before we got to see him rise to the staggering heights his career promised, Pop Smoke still left behind a legacy that’s inspired millions of aspiring creators.

It took the late rapper just two years to establish himself as an artist on the cutting edge of Brooklyn drill. A driving force behind this hybrid genre of UK drill, Pop Smoke put Brooklyn back on the map and brought the sound back Stateside, back to New York City. His distinctive voice, a deep, smoky baritone, sat perfectly over the deep, throbbing bass lines and slow, stuttering beat.

Today, we pay tribute to Pop Smoke by diving into the style of beat that made his trademark sound. In this video tutorial, we show you how to produce a beat in the style of Pop Smoke, right here on BandLab’s free-to-use web Mix Editor.

Start your very own Pop Smoke inspired track by forking the beat we created below.

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