Even if you’re not the biggest hip hop fan or music head, you’ve probably heard trap music. From mainstream hip-hop to EDM and even K-pop music, trap’s distinctive sound can be found everywhere. You’ll instantly recognize a trap track from its subwoofer breaking sub-bass, rapid-fire hi-hats, and multi-layered synths.

The hi-hat is the heart of the trap beat. Early trap producers programmed the hi-hats in complicated patterns, at faster speeds than any drummer could ever play. The quick, short bursts of hi-hats contrast with the relatively simple and low-frequency kick drum beat and snare.

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How this genre-defining sound rose in popularity traces back to 1980. The brand new TR-808 Rhythm Composer released by the Roland Corporation started out life as a flop, but when Afrika Bambaataa used it on the 1982 hit “Planet Rock,” it soon picked up a cult following among DJs and hip hop producers.

Another defining sound created from the TR-808 was ground-shaking kick drum sound. Producers discovered ways to boost the “decay” knob, pushing the boundaries of the bass frequencies even lower.

So, if you want to be the next Gucci Mane, Young Thug, Future, or a genre-bending producer, start your trap producing journey now on BandLab.

The looper trap packs

The Looper is a perfect start point if you’re not sure where to begin. With a simple tap on your screen, you can create a trap track instantly. The sounds and loops in each pack have all been designed to fit together seamlessly, so you don’t have to worry about finger drumming or keeping up with the tempo.

Pick from five Trap Loop packs – Underground Trap Vol.1 & 2, Sinister Trap, Trap Essentials and Trap Pop. Select the pack you like, download and play around with it.

Try tapping different combinations of buttons and swiping downwards to change full sections all at once. Once you are ready, hit record and perform your track.

Trap loops

If you like even more control over your sounds, you should head over to the web Mix Editor and make music with Loops. Loops are audio or MIDI samples that you can drag and drop into your track.

When you get to the Mix Editor, click Loops and you’ll see a whole list of Loop packs. Pick from Loop packs like Underground Trap Mega, Trap Pop Fusion, Future Trap and Trap MIDI Essentials. Hit the play button to give each Loop pack a listen.

If you want to see all the trap Loops available, click “All Loops”. From the filters, select “Trap”. You can further sort the loops by their instruments. From the instantly recognizable quick-fire hi-hats to the booming sub-bass and FX samples, you’ve got all the sounds you need to put together an epic trap track.

Drum machine

Just like the trap producers before, BandLab’s Drum Machine lets you program your very own beat. Whip out the classic 808 Kit or the more aggressive Trap Kit and lay down some beats. Go crazy with the hi-hats and keep the kick and snare simple, and don’t forget to set the right tempo.

There are loads of ways to experiment on BandLab and these tools are just a start to your journey creating your perfect trap track. Get creating, and remember to share your music in the BandLab community (and beyond).

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