Got your profile all glossed up and ready to go? Good. Now it’s going to be about working on your fan base, or at least creating one.

Browsing through tweets, or hitting like on the next funny video isn’t going to cut it. It’s time you got rid of the passive, and got active and letting your voice shine through your profile before you rake the followers in. Here’s just how:

Complete your profile

The tips you found in our previous article may have been useful, but you may be forgetting the vital bit of your profile; the curation. From headlines and cover photos, to pinned tweets and your older feeds. Make sure you’ve built your persona, and cleaned out the content that may not be useful, or be detrimental to your image.

Start engaging

It might scare you, but staying active on social media is going to be a lot like staying active in your life – it doesn’t take long before inactivity brings on the couch potato lifestyle. The same goes for your social media activity; unless you’re regularly sharing high-quality and useful content that engages the rest of the community, your follower count will start to stagnate.

Making friends

Migrate your friends over, or make new ones through the communities in your various platforms. Talk through like-minded work and interests, and educate one another to continue staying active through your engagements. Encourage one another as well, through sharing of content, or a simple vote of confidence, and the reciprocity will go a long way for you.

Use hashtags

Gaining access to the masses is now made much simpler with hashtags. Amplify your content with relevant hashtags and get your content seen and engaged with more. Be careful of what hashtags you’re using, though, and if they will be appropriate for your brand to be associated with.

Be polite

We felt it was necessary to emphasise on your politeness here. No one likes a loud-mouth, and certainly no one really likes a potty-mouth. Keep an open mind, invite all opinions, discuss your own, and learn the art to paving your way to a middle ground. Likeability’s going to be important if you want to be taken seriously, and being polite will cost you absolutely nothing.

Found what you’ve read useful? Complete the setup of your profiles and get sharing on your timelines on your way to friends and ideas.

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