In the last decade, no city’s been more synonymous with hip hop than Atlanta. New ATL stars explode onto the world stage on a regular basis, new sounds and dance moves appear out of nowhere every season. It’s no wonder the likes of OutKast, Young Thug, Childish Gambino and so many more see their Atlanta roots as a badge of honor.

This month we launched Tracklanta 2020: Virtual Remix to give up-and-coming artists a chance to be mentored by some of the hip hop capital’s finest producers and artists. So we thought there’s no better time to empower these creators with the sounds of the epicenter of hip hop.

To do that, we connected with some of Atlanta’s top producers to bring the Atlanta sound to everyone here on BandLab. The result? Three exclusive Loop Packs on our Mix Editor, specially created for us by these Atlanta-based producers who have some of the biggest names in hip hop on their CVs.

Now, you can follow in the footsteps of the greats by creating your very own beats with these Loops. 

Made in Atlanta

Here are the producers we have worked with to bring us these exclusive Atlanta-inspired Loop Packs.

Tasha Catour

Tasha Catour

A Grammy Award winning producer who has worked with the likes of Future, Joe Gifted, Tinashe and Keke Palmer. The latter recently performed her single “Snack”, which was produced by Tasha Catour, at MTV’s 2020’s virtual VMA’s. Tasha was also one of the producers who worked with last year’s Tracklanta winners at ICONS.

Tasha Catour’s Loop Pack is available on web and mobile, and it’ll give you access to a gallery of samples from aggressive 808s to hard-hitting sub bass to atmospheric horns.


RENEGADE EL REY at Stankonia

RENEGADE EL REY is the studio engineer of the legendary Stankonia Studios – the birthplace of some of Outkast’s biggest hits over the last decade. 

You’ll get access to some of RENEGADE EL REY’s signature sounds in his exclusive Loop Pack. The samples are inspired by the south, with hard-kicks, 808s and fast-moving hi-hats, a Memphis, TN signature.

You can find out more about the process and story behind RENEGADE EL REY’s Loop Pack here.



Having plied his trade as a studio engineer at ICONS Studios, Bless’Em’Bless has worked with a host of major artists like Sean Garrett, Jacques and Young Thug. 

Bless’Em’Bless’ Loop Pack will inspire you to create much more than just trademark Atlanta-esque beats. Filled with an eclectic mix of genres from latin, to trap, and hip-hop, this exclusive Loop Pack is designed to inspire the next big hit.

You can find out more about the process and story behind Bless’Em’Bless’s Loop Pack here.

The Atlanta Hip Hop Looper Pack

Atlanta Hip Hop Looper Pack

We also have sounds made right here by the BandLab sound team! The Atlanta Hip Hop Looper Pack is available only on the BandLab mobile app. With trademark rapid-fire burst hi hats and melodic samples and synths, you’ll be rapping over a fire beat within minutes.

How to use Loops

Here’s a quick crash course on how to use one of our easiest to use features on the Mix Editor.

On web

  1. Click on the Create button on the top right corner of the screen. 
  2. Now you’re in the Mix Editor. You’ll be prompted with a pop up – here click on “Browse Loops”
  3. To quickly find these Atlanta producer Loop Packs, click on the search icon and type “Atlanta”
  4. You’ll be able to see the Loop Packs filtered out for you. Click on the play button to give it a sample listen. When you’re happy, click on the Loop Pack to access the individual Loops
  5. Like the Loop Pack, click on the play button to hear the individual Loop. When you’ve decided which Loop you want to use, drag the Loop to the track or, you can just double click on the Loop.

On mobile

On mobile devices, Loop Packs work on our Looper feature. The Looper lets you make music no matter what skill level you’re at – your beats will always be in sync, and you have the sound of the pros behind you.

  1. Tap on the Red + Button to open the Mix Editor
  2. Swipe left and tap on the yellow Looper option
  3. To find the Atlanta producer Loop Packs, tap on the search icon and type “Atlanta
  4. You’ll be able to see the Loop Packs filtered out for you. Click on the play button to give it a sample listen. When you’re happy, click on the Loop Pack to download the Loop Pack
  5. Tap on the downloaded Loop Pack again to open the Looper
  6. You’ll see a screen with multi-coloured boxes containing entirely playable samples. Tap any of the colored boxes to trigger a sample and start making music!

Make music on BandLab

Read more: How to use the Looper


Enter Tracklanta 2020: Virtual Remix

Earlier this month we dropped one of our biggest contests – Tracklanta 2020: Virtual Remix. There are multiple rounds of contests for you to win big – prizes include mentor sessions with top producers and artists, including RENEGADE EL REY and Bless’Em’Bless, plus $500 in cash! Make sure you don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance.