Community / 5 June 2020

International Friendship Day: Be part of a musical movement

30 July is International Friendship Day, and we’d like to invite you, our BandLab community, to be a part of it!

This is your chance to be part of a global virtual choir, singing alongside the contributions of our world-class array of classical musicians. You will video yourself singing, humming or even whistling to one united song, and it’ll be pieced together alongside everyone else into one huge video.

The piece in question? It’s Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. This timeless tune has uplifted humankind throughout history, and anyone is free to join in! Every voice will be heard.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for us as a community to contribute to a global collaboration which includes some of the world’s best orchestral musicians and choral singers, helmed by international conductor Wong Kah Chun. You can find out more here.

I’m in. How do I enter

  1. Learn the lyrics to Ode to Joy. You can find the score here
  2. Once you’re ready, fork “Beethoven’s Ode to Joy” and tap Video Mix. You can find out more about our Video Mix feature here
  3. Video-record yourself singing, humming or whistling to the track you just forked. You can get creative with your filming angle (it has to be horizontally shot) and your appearance! You can record alone or together with your family and friends, while adhering to social distancing rules in your city. At the end of the music, please wave your hands to your virtual choir companions for 10 seconds
  4. Publish your Video Mix with the hashtag #beethooven.

If you prefer not to publish your video publicly onto BandLab, you may submit it directly here.

Things to remember

  1. Video Mix is available on iOS and Android devices only
  2. Your video has to be horizontally shot
  3. Submit your entry by 12 June 2020

All quality submissions will be pieced together in the final video, as long as it is non-offensive to our global community.

On International Friendship Day on 30 July, your submission will be aired as a virtual performance, supported by the German Embassy Singapore. We will also be sharing it on all our social media channels too!

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