From the Team / 22 May 2019

Showcase your talent with BandLab’s new Video Mix

TL;DR; Don’t just share your music with the world – perform and showcase your raw talent with our HUGE new mobile creation feature: Video Mix.

Here at BandLab HQ, we’re always working on features and improvements to break down the barriers for music creation, and today we’re incredibly excited to announce one of our biggest feature releases yet.

Video Mix starts rolling out over the next couple of days across iOS devices and will be coming very soon to Android, so make sure you have the latest version of BandLab to get creative with this incredible new release.

We’ve got lots of additional features and improvements planned in the next few weeks, so don’t hesitate to reach out if there are things you would love to see us add to it.

As always – if you share your video on BandLab or on other social media platforms, don’t forget to tag or mention us to stand a chance to be featured!

What is Video Mix?

Video Mix is a brand new feature on BandLab that lets you create music videos using only your phone.

Jump on any forkable track in the millions of tracks available on BandLab, or choose from our curated Hot Beats, Jam Tracks, Jazz Grooves or Metal Essentials playlists to get started.

Popular features from our award-winning Mix Editor like professional studio FX and real-time monitoring are available, so you’ll always sound your best when recording.

When you’re done, publish it directly to your fans on BandLab, or download the video and share it to Instagram, Facebook or any of your other social networks.

Where do I find Video Mix?

Video Mix can be opened directly from the Let’s Make Music screen or via any forkable track. You have the option to publish it directly on BandLab or save it to your phone to share elsewhere.

Whether you’re rapping over a beat or laying down a hot new solo, our world-class FX and real-time monitoring will ensure you sound your best. (For best results, use headphones when recording!)

Show your skills singing or rapping over your best beats. Show off your shredding or beat making chops. Make a musical video message for a loved one. Shoot cinematic visuals to go with your favourite tunes – there are so many creative possibilities!

How do I use Video Mix?

Start by forking a track. Select Video Mix when you’re prompted.

Video Mix will load the mixdown of the selected revision as a backing track. Put on your headphones or plug your instrument in, select your effect and hit record!

If you’re not sure where to start you can try it out with our backing tracks. Hit the red “+” button at the bottom of the screen and tap on “Try Now” in the Video Mix feature. You’ll then get access to a list of backing tracks that you can record over by tapping on “Pick a Track” at the top of the screen

Add effects!

Swipe through a range of our best-in-class audio effects before you hit record. The effect you choose is applied to the input signal from your microphone and monitored in real-time.

If you decide you want a different effect after recording, there’s an option to adjust or change the effects at any time.

Publish and share

Like all your music, you can publish your video clips to your followers or save them to your device gallery.

You can then share your video clips outside of BandLab. Any post created with Video Mix can be reposted to Instagram. Cut and resize your clip on Clip Maker, then share it to Instagram – all you have to do is tap on the share button on your post, then select Instagram.

Start making music videos today!

With millions of tracks in BandLab, and professionally curated beats and backing tracks updated daily, you’ll never be short of inspiration to get going.

Video Mix is now in beta for iOS and coming soon to Android. Video Mix will be released in a staged rollout – if you don’t see it yet, don’t worry – some users will get this feature earlier than others but everyone will have it soon!

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