At BandLab our community of creators is at the heart of everything we do. Every new feature, service, loop, soundbank and virtual instrument is made with the goal of enabling someone to better express themselves. We are honoured to have so many passionate artists collaborating and creating together and we’re excited to introduce a new series of blog posts featuring members of the BandLab community who we’ve come to know and respect.


Introducing Mandielei

Mandielei is one of the most prolific BandLab users, collaborating on over one hundred projects since joining our community a short year ago. She’s spent hours of her time helping us improve Bandlab and is fearless in her commitment to her co-collaborators adding her beautiful, heartfelt vocals and deeply personal lyrics to songs spanning just about every genre.

We recently had a chance to catch up with Mandielei and talk about how she found BandLab and the deep meaning that music has for her and her family.

Finding BandLab

I came across BandLab through the app store. I was looking through different apps and so forth and it caught my eye. And it ended up being a very big blessing. My oldest daughter has several health issues. She was born with one kidney and a vein wrapped around one of her lungs. It gets very stressful being in and out of the hospital all of the time and supporting my family–I have two other children as well–and trying to remember that I’m not just a Mom, I’m me as well.

Family, Love and Music

The most special moment I can think of is with my grandpa. He was in music and he was very talented. He wrote music and sang and played the guitar. He had written a song, years ago, for my grandmother, when they first met… when he first fell in love with her. And right before he passed away he gave me this song and he said, “I want you to have this and you’ll know when it’s right. When you find that special somebody, you’ll feel like this.” And he gave me that song. It warmed my heart. It may kind of sound cheesy but that was their song; that was them. I put them on a pedestal. They were amazing. They had that true, forever love. So, I think him giving me that song and asking me to learn it and sing it for them was the most special time that I could ever have in music.

There’s no such thing to me as bad music; it’s a form of art and that’s a way for people to express themselves.

Community, Collaboration and Discovery

BandLab is wonderful. It is amazing. I have met so many talented, wonderful people through BandLab. It’s a place where you can collab and share ideas and learn. I’ve learned a lot through BandLab working with other artists. I think I’m a very flexible artist. I love all types. There’s no such thing to me as bad music; it’s a form of art and that’s a way for people to express themselves. I’m someone that likes to observe and listen and I do that a lot. I feel like there is something that I can learn every day. On BandLab that’s very easy to do. There are people from all over the world, it’s amazing.

How I Use BandLab

I make my music on the phone or on my laptop. It’s very convenient. I think that for anybody that is not sure of himself or herself or that has never done music but has always wanted to, BandLab would be a great opportunity for them to experiment.

Thanks Mandielei!