From the Team / 24 May 2022

Introducing Opportunities: Get your next big break

Been making music for a while and want to show the world what you’ve got? Looking to build a fanbase in a new place? There’s Zire to help you promote your music online, but what if you want to go a step further and make industry connections, book shows and festivals, get press features, sign to labels and more? 

Introducing Opportunities via ReverbNation: a service that gives artists like you the chance to connect with fans, venues, festivals, brands, blogs, and labels to advance your career and grow your audience.

How does it work?

The Opportunities service makes a potentially tedious process easy and worry-free – in just a few clicks, you can submit your music directly to decision makers in the industry. 

First, head to our website. Once there, you’ll be presented with an extensive list of opportunities. 

Narrow down the type of opportunity you’re looking for by ticking the relevant boxes on the left side of the screen.

If you have something specific in mind, you can also type it into the search bar. Once you’ve set your eyes on your desired opportunity, hit the “Submit” button! 

After that’s done, you’ll be asked to subscribe to ReverbNation if you haven’t done so yet. Feel free to go for the 30-day free trial if you’re a new subscriber!

If you already have a ReverbNation subscription, you’ll be redirected to the specific Opportunity page on ReverbNation. Once there, you can upload a song of your choice or choose one from the dropdown menu, and hit “Submit”.

And voilà, you’ve just put yourself out there! Remember, the more active you are, the more opportunities you’re likely to get. So keep shooting your shot and you might land your dream gig. We’re rooting for you!

Opportunities is currently available on web only. Look out for the mobile version coming soon.

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