BandLab has always been all about collaboration. Friends from all over the world making music together, online.

Now we’ve made it easier than ever to get those collaborations happening.

Up until now, you had to invite a user to join your Band before you could start making music together. This meant that if you were a prolific social musician, you might have a long list of Bands to juggle and remember.

We’ve listened to the feedback we’ve had on this, and we’ve changed the process. So now you can invite anyone you like to play with you—one-on-one and without needing to be in a band together.

We call it in-song collaboration, and it means you can now invite users (and even non-users) to work on your songs, without having to be in the same band.

You can send an invite to your friends who aren’t BandLab users. They’ll receive an email inviting them to join BandLab, and they can start making music with you right away! So, if you happen to have Drake’s email address, you know what to do…

Here’s how to start an in-song collaboration:

1. Go to your Projects.

2. Click on the “+” beside the song you’d like someone to work on with you. For mobile, tap the “more options” icon and tap “Invite Collaborators”.

3. Send an invite! Search by username or use an email address.

4. Once they accept your request, you can start making music together!

To manage or remove your collaborators:

1. Go to your Projects.

2. Click on the drop down menu for the song in question and select “Manage Collaborators”. On mobile, tap “View collaborators” or “Manage Collaborators”.

3. Now you can see and manage your list of collaborators for that song.

So, if you need some words to your beat, or a guitar solo for your latest instrumental, just ask! It’s never been easier to get someone to jump onto one of your songs.

We can’t wait to hear the result of this new, easier way of playing together. So go ahead—make some music with someone new today!