What a great start to the year! Y’all really smashed it out of the park and made it really tough for us to choose. Here are the BandLab contest winners for January 2022!

#NewYearNewMe Winners

It’s definitely ‘Still Lit’ with Queenie B in 2022. Here’s what our judges had to say:

Oh dang! So much admiration for this determined and headstrong energy. Inspiring us to keep it real and to stay true to ourselves, but with extra swag of course! Ain’t nothing gonna get in the way of an awesome year. You tell em’, @queeniequeen!


2nd: Modded Music.
3rd: P.A.B. & Shayan Regan
4th: Joana Perrout

#Resolutions Winners

Essence is the star of January 2022 for sure. Here’s what our judges had to say:

Fierce! @essencemusic’s dynamic flow sends chills down our spine, leaving us wanting more. Spitting out their resolutions this year about the need to get heard, being lit AF, grinding through that hustle. This be red hot y’all!


2nd: Brondale
3rd: Star Nicole
4th: Puhl – I lI |I L

Congratulations to all our winners and runners-up! If you haven’t heard, we’ve just launched AutoPitch Web – perfect timing to get started on those projects for our February 2022 BandLab Contests!