The first round of contests for 2020 is over and who’s got the credentials to come out tops for the start of the decade?

Our judges have trawled through the waves of entries and we’ve found our first champs of 2020.

As usual, thank you everyone who put in so much to smash out all these amazing entries. And for those who didn’t make the list, you’ll always get a crack at it next month, and the next!

#twentytwenty Winners

First up! Your #twentytwenty winner is Philypay! Our judges said:

Perfect example of what happens when a silky smooth groove meets a powerful flow. A great way to bring in the year.

Runners up:

2nd: Midlayers
3rd: Outer Image + 1 other
4th: JAy1kFLOw

#januaryjams2 Winners

Topping #januaryjams2 is Yuriy Balkanic! Our judges said:

Expert musicianship. A shining showcase of top-notch arrangement and composition ability, something we can all learn from.

Runners up:

2nd: Margab
3rd: Killa Beatz
4th: Michael Herter

#dawn Winners

Here’s your winner for #dawn – Midlayers! Our judges said:

Awesome, true expression of personal style resulting in a classy adaptation. This track was well and truly owned.

Runners up:

2nd: Jessica M Wilkes
3rd: Anjelica Estrella
4th: Møbb G (Sõùth KįńG)

#newmoves Winners

Your #newmoves champ is nick robb! Our judges said:

An uplifting rendition supplemented with a beautiful hook tastefully underlined with just the right enhancements. Lovely tune.

Runners up:

2nd: Elizabeth Darcel
3rd: Ruby Royd
4th: Jordi Fons

Congratulations to all the grand prize winners and all runners-up for their incredible winning entries!

Those still in the hunt to win more cash prizes and get your music to the top, check out this month’s contests here.