Contests / 16 August 2022

July 2022 BandLab Contest Winners

Thanks to all of your entries for #ThatsABop, #FinnaHitThat, and #PresetSquad, we’ve got some fire new tunes to add to our summer playlists! Here are our winners:

#ThatsABop Winners

You didn’t stop, and you reached the top 1andonlybootz! Such good vibes and a great motivational message.

That really was a bop! We love the light-hearted ukulele and the catchy hook. Your lyrics were also really inspiring. Thanks for bringing that positive energy to the lab!

2nd: On Sunset
3rd: Yella AK
4th: MandieX

#FinnaHitThat Winners

Damn, you took us by surprise with that intro loonytickreese! Not only that – your bars, your flow and the way you spit those rhymes really blew it out of the water. Major props!

Genius take! Really impressed with how you took our trap beat, slowed it down, and added a melody that’s one of a kind. Tight production quality with great emphasis on rap delivery and tone.

2nd: Cocobark
3rd: Margab
4th: J Moolah

#PresetSquad Winners

We were riveted by the story you told about the difference between self worth and self obsession, jaxsonville! Your custom preset definitely added to the vibe and energy of this track.

We’ve got goosebumps! What a great original track that displays your composition skills, complemented by your custom vibrato preset to spice up those rap vocals. On top of that, your flow was straight up smooth!

2nd: Rick Planting
3rd: Star Eos
4th: Arizfa

Congratulations to all our July contest winners! If you didn’t win, there’s always next month’s contests. If you’re based in the Philippines, we’ve also got our #BandLabJamTayo challenge happening on TikTok now so check that out!

Read more: #BandLabJamTayo: Calling all Filipinos to join a nationwide jam!

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