Another month of contests wrapped up! We got some seriously great and diverse entries this month and we’re loving the competition. Read on to see who your winners are for our BandLab contest rounds in June 2021.

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#junetunes winners

Our #junetunes no.1 is Skully Øn The Beat! Here’s what our judges had to say:

Loving the attention to detail on this! It’s remarkable how you drew lots of inspiration from the tutorial but still managed to make it sound original while incorporating all the Scarlxrd characteristics. Really digging how the kick and bass are working well together, sounding nice and fat with just the right amount of drive. Definitely pulling a bass face with this sick beat!

Runners up:

2nd: Amarachi
3rd: Rick Planting
4th: Enrique


We’ve found our modern-day classical maestro – taking the top prize for #bachtobasics is Michael Herter! Here’s what our judges had to say:

Stupendous! We are immediately taken into the medieval times of war and conflict, preparing our hero’s tale before entering into battle. Great tones from @sibviolin‘s instrumentation; that violin performance is what we’ll remember for ages! You can already imagine how many historical TV shows this track could fit. Aw-inspiring!

Runners up:

2nd: Rivo & Zanariah
3rd: YodaGee
4th: Ross Manariti

#bestfriendday winners

Your #bestfriendday champs are H-Low & their collaborator Shants! Here’s what our judges had to say:

Spitting firey bars and sending chills down our spine with a strong, relatable message to many, @h_low and @shants_music hop on a clever UK drill beat and deliver a massive performance that’s addictive and inspiring. We’ve got goosebumps listening to it, fam!

Runners up:

2nd: Maria Eduarda Gomes Cândido & Joana Perrout
3rd: Down Cloud, mistachesta & Outer Image  in COLDCORE
4th: Miami73, Nerse & Tom Benz

Congratulations to all the BandLab grand prize contest winners and all runners-up for June 2021 for their incredible winning entries!

Don’t forget about this month’s BandLab contest! There’s still time to get your entries in!

Read more: July 2021 BandLab Contests: #youGOATthis, #cometmebro, #forkofjuly