From the Team / 6 July 2017

BandLab Update: AudioStretch, Collections, Landscape Mode & Guitar Tuner

TL;DR: Integrated AudioStretch features on mobile; private Collections are now on all platforms; support for landscape mode on iOS and a brand new Guitar Tuner.

Really faaaast + r e a l l y s l o w

Transpose the key of your tracks. Toggle on the AudioStretch feature and scroll through the keys to experiment; go from a C to an E in a single swipe! AudioStretch can also change your song’s tempo between a range of 40bpm to 240bpm without changing the pitch! Web fans have been enjoying this for a while, but now it’s live on iOS and Android. Go crazy!


We know some of you are working on top secret projects, or creating DIY radio-casts, so now you can make your Collections private. Keep your favourite tunes to yourself in your personal Library by choosing to set individual Collections on BandLab to private.

What happens when you flip?

You know the deal, you ask, we deliver. The iOS Mix Editor now supports landscape orientation. Now once you go to record, you can flip your phone sideways and view the 12 Track Mix Editor in landscape. Landscape mode makes it way easier for you to edit all your tracks and perform complex region actions with more space! YAOW!

Guitar Tuner

We’ve completely redesigned the Guitar Tuner for iOS, and we’re super happy with the results. The tuner now has improved accuracy and the ability to flip between multiple tunings. Simply swipe to access alternate tunings like open G, ukulele and more.

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