From the Team / 12 July 2017

Loops: Indie + Industrial

We’re dropping some awesome loops this week. Whether you’re an indie darling or an industrial deviant, there’s something in it for you here.

Indie Loop

We’ve captured those elements that make an indie song. An easy combo of melodic guitar lines and alternative beats and samples are perfect for that next story. Check out our version. Sigh.

Industrial Designs

Bring. The. Noise. A mish-mash of heavy electronic sounds, samples and provocative beats, you’ll feel these Industrial loops run through your whole body. Time to step your track up in a big way? Check out our sample and get started.

How do I get Loops?

They’re already included for free in BandLab – all you need to do is log in. Just hit Create > New Project and then choose Browse Loops on the bottom right of the pop-up box.

With over 2000 sounds to choose from on BandLab, happy looping!



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