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March 2021 BandLab contest winners

BandLab contest winners March 2021 competition

Next round, down. We’re rolling through the year and we’ve picked the winners for March’s BandLab contest rounds!

We also collaborated with YouTuber and producer TAETRO for a bonus remix contest and we had a tough time picking out the final winners. Read on to find out what TAETRO had to say about the winners.

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#marchtothetop winners

Who’s at the top? Lisa Beth takes top prize for #marchtothetop! Here’s what our judges had to say:

Gritty! Loving the industrial tones coming out of this instrumental by @lisabethmusic, perfect for a night drive with your favorite ride in a big city that never sleeps. Killer violin tones, trap beats to spearhead that exhilerating feeling. We welcome this with open arms to be forked!

Runners up:

2nd: Hammer Strike
3rd: Ace High Productions
4th: Sunset Beats

#daftpunkforever winners

The BandLab community never lets you down. We called out for the best inspired-by-Daft Punk tracks and we got masterpieces. But above all, Ertronic and collaborator Gramo took first place for this round! Here’s what our judges had to say:

Right in the disco feels, but with a modern touch! Good use of Disco elements and Daft Punk signatures like the rich synths, different vocal textures, and dance beat with lots of good vibes. Sounds like the beginning of a good night!

Runners up:

2nd: xᴊᴀʏ_ᴘx & ƪ꓃ƪ 6ԅ꓃ฅ
3rd: Bart & Rick Planting
4th: 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕊𝕦𝕝𝕥𝕒𝕟 & เรคєк

TAETRO Remix Contest winners

TAETRO has chosen the top prize winner for this special bonus round – congratulations to Rick Planting! Here’s what TAETRO had to say about the winner:

Remixes usually go one of two ways, they either take the original material and create something totally different, or they evolve the original vision. I feel that this entry is the type of remix that took the original DNA of the track and evolved it to the next level. I really enjoy the added level of dreamy-ness and additional electric guitar. The sounds added create a sort of mystical atmosphere that definitely sets the tone of gazing at the moon at ‘Midnight’. Well done!

He also adds: “Also well done to all the entries! There were so many good ones and it was very hard to choose a top four. For all who participated, hopefully you were able to learn something new throughout this process of remixing.  Keep creating the best music you can with the tools you have and never stop!”   

Runners up:

2nd: Valentin Heisecke (VAHE)
3rd: TheHype【誇大広告】
4th: SuperNatural

Congratulations to all the BandLab grand prize contest winners and all runners-up for their incredible winning entries!

Don’t forget about this month’s BandLab contest! There’s still time to get your entries in!

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