Community / 1 December 2015

Meet your new Drummer

First we gave you BandLab Virtual Instruments. Then we gave you 100 drum sample loops, so you could add drums to your musical creations.

People told us they liked them. But we thought we could still do more.

Drum roll, please…

Introducing the BandLab Drum Machine—giving you even more tools to create great grooves and beats!


You can choose your sound from one of 10 different drum kits. With choices including everything from a Blues kit to Fusion, you’ve got most bases covered.

You’re a Beatmaker or a hip-hop fan? Don’t worry, we didn’t forget you. Recreate the sounds of the Beastie Boys or Kanye with our version of the iconic Roland TR-808 drum pad. Or, if you want an even more ‘now’ sound, try our EDM kit.

The Drum Machine is currently only available on the Web Mix Editor. To use it, first select your tempo and time signature. Then pick your kit and build your sequence.

You can then preview your beats and, once you’re happy, export them into your tracks.

And just like that, you’re a drummer (only with better timekeeping)!

Create your beats today and let us know what you think

We can’t wait to hear the new grooves you create!

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