Guitarists and vocalists alike love a good backing track. It’s the perfect canvas to create a solo, stretch their creativity or just practise their techniques and scales. That’s why we’ve introduced playlists on the Let’s Make Music page. These collections are updated daily for Android and iOS and they are the perfect place to begin when you’re searching for inspiration or just need a backing track to jam along. Tap on any track to listen, and if it’s up your alley, hit fork to make that track yours.

Today, we pick out some of our favourite Metal Essentials – heavy palm-muted guitar riffs, low-end drop-tuned guitars, incendiary lead guitar parts, perfect for you to jam and solo over.

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6 bold – St Mnz

Metal is all about heavily distorted guitar riffs. 6 bold brings in some amazing riffs, but with the addition of electronic synth sounds. The square-wave tremolo effect gives an aggressive edge reminiscent of Tom Morello’s guitar for Rage Against The Machine. This track is crying out for a vocalist – give it a shot.

last memorys – James Short

Opening with a clean acoustic guitar behind an ambient synth pad before going into an explosive middle section, last memorys contains all the elements of a perfect heavy metal song – scooped distorted guitars, singing lead guitar lines, paper-thin crash cymbals. The influences from Metallica’s legendary metal ballad “Nothing Else Matters” are clear, and we think of it as a homage to that great song.

Bad Omen – Mantra

Where do we start? That drop-tuned 7-string guitar, heavy AF palm-muted riffs, dissonant arpeggiated chords, this is a great canvas for a metalcore hit. Grab your guitar, turn that distortion up – this one is begging for a guitar solo.

Old School Metal – David J Sims

The song title says everything. Inspired by metal of the 70s and 80s, bands like Slayer, Iron Maiden, Metallica. Littered with lightning quick lead guitar playing so precise and electrifying, we reckon Kirk Hammett and other shredding pioneers would approve.

Imutes the architect – Anastasiya Lobanovskaya

Metal has so many subgenres, but few are as polarising as Djent. However you feel about it, a highly technical and intricate track like Imutes the architect deserves praise simply on the basis of its progressive nature. Metal vocalists – this one’s made for you.

Plug in your guitar, turn up the gain to 11, hit the Fork button and they’re yours to rock out over. If you want your music to be featured, get in touch here and keep inspiring!