From the Team / 8 August 2017

BandLab update: FX, panning, 3D touch, multi-track recording

TL;DR: New to iOS & Android, vocal, guitar and bass effects + panning. The new tuner comes to Android; 3D touch shortcuts for iOS + record two tracks at one time on web with our latest update.


Next-level Vocals. Instantly

Recorded a rough vocal take? Improve the sound instantly by adding one of our killer FX. Vocal effects like ‘High Vox’ will instantly give you a little bit of echo and reverb to smooth out the sound, whilst also boosting the vocal line higher in the mix. With 13 new vocal presets, designed entirely in-house – you’ve got a lot to work with. The best part? The effects are truly cross-platform (world’s first!) and can be added and changed post-recording.

World-class Effects & Amp Simulation

We have a massive update for our guitarists. Now you can take an amp with 24 custom effects with you wherever you go, thanks to BandLab. Our beautifully designed carousel of effects gives you a lot to work with. So whether you jam at home or on the road, you have a fully loaded pedalboard and hundreds of dollars worth of gear right at your fingertips. Not only can you use the amp simulation but these FX can be added and changed post-recording, all you need now is that perfect take.

Pan your tracks on mobile

A simple trick, but one that will up your production game on mobile, is to start using panning. Now available in the 12-track Mix Editor for both iOS and Android. Pan individual tracks to change the volume of each in the left or right speaker to give your music more depth by manipulating the soundscape in stereo.

Shortcuts with 3D touch

Did you know you can access the tuner, start a Project or Shout straight from your iOS home page? A force touch on the BandLab app icon will pop-up a menu that lets you jump straight into making music. Try it out!

Tune up with Android

Last month we released the new tuner for iOS. This month, Android joins the party. The new tuner has improved accuracy and the ability to flip between multiple tunings. Simply swipe to access alternate tunings like open G, ukulele and more.

Record two tracks at a time

Ever wanted to record both your singing and guitar on different tracks at the same time? Now you can on the web Mix Editor with the new multi-track recording feature.

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