TL;DR: Global Player and Collections are now on all platforms. The iOS and Android Mix Editor just keep getting better + a new Feed, Library, Profile & Band page on web. Read about all the new things you can do on BandLab.

Collections – You can create playlists anytime, anywhere

Love a song? Now you can add any song on BandLab to your Collections, wherever you are. It’s the best way to organise your favourite songs into playlists — or release your own tracks as an album or EP.

Mobile Mix Editor Improvements

With every update, we push numerous improvements to the Mix Editor on iOS and Android. On Android, you can now cut, slice, delete, copy, paste and loop track regions. On iOS, we introduced a new Snap feature which allows you to snap the grid and regions to a beat and Auto-scroll which makes it even easier to drag a specific region within a track.

Global Player – Now on all platforms

Play a song on BandLab and we’ll queue up the rest of the songs on that page with our Global Player, giving you a seamless listening experience. You can continuously play music wherever you navigate on BandLab. Go listen to some tunes!

Brand new look on Web

Check out and you’ll notice some changes — the biggest change being the new Library (formerly Projects), this allows you to better organise your Projects, Band Projects, Collaborations and Collections. Also, check out your new Profile and Band page!

Discover BandLab

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