From the Team / 2 February 2017

New Year, New Features

TL;DR: AMAZING new editing features on BandLab; to make you the best songwriter/producer you can be! Plus exciting news about a new member of the BandLab family… AudioStretch!

Vocal & Guitar Effects on iOS

We’ve added new Voice and Guitar effects to the latest version of the BandLab iOS Mix Editor. The effects are cross-platform and can be added and changed post-recording. Now you can be the artist and the producer, all you need is your phone.

Move and Resize Regions

We are constantly adding new features to our groundbreaking mobile recording app. The iOS Mix Editor now gives you even more flexibility to edit your tracks. This month we brought in region specific actions—move and resize specific regions of your track for tight and professional music editing.

2000 Loops!

It’s a landmark event at BandLab—we now have over 2000 different loops! All the loops and soundbanks on BandLab are 100% free and unlimited, giving you limitless freedom to be creative.

Audio Preview

We constantly add new virtual instruments and soundbanks, picking just one can be a difficult choice! We have now included an audio preview to simplify the process, simply preview the available sounds by clicking on the play button beside each soundbank.

Search for Musicians

A new update on web means you can now you can discover new musicians based on their talents—so if you’re looking for a vocalist or a beatmaker, simply choose a filter on the Explore page and start a new collaboration.

MIDI: Velocity Editing

Fine tuning a track can be the difference between ordinary and mesmerizing. Now with Velocity Editing for the web Mix Editor you can double-click into a loop and dial up or down the dynamic properties of each note, giving you more control over your sound. Great for pop tracks, and making your sound unique.

AudioStretch Functionality on Mix Editor

We recently announced the acquisition of AudioStretch, and we have already integrated some of the core competencies into the BandLab web Mix Editor. Anything you record or import into BandLab, you can adjust it’s speed without changing the pitch and shift it’s pitch without loss of audio quality. Need a song changing to be in your key? No problem.

AudioStretch Update

BandLab Technologies announced the acquisition of AudioStretch at the NAMM Show 2017. Along with the announce we did an overhaul on the UI, creating a cleaner finish. We also updated AudioStretch to include video transcription a world first! Try the LITE version for free.

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