We asked for some groovy tracks for #NoahVerse, #BollyBeats, #SchwiftyBeats… and boy, did y’all come to play! You guys keep raising the bar each month, and it’s a joy to see what you come up with 🔥Without further ado, here are the winners of our November 2022 contests!

#NoahVerse Winners

A stellar track oozing with his own unique flavor, @kevinyadao brought his style in full swing with this vivacious remix of Jowa! 

Noah Raquel was truly blown away by your track! Here’s what he had to say: 

I LOVED the melodies he used in his version. Starting off with a low melody, it grows in intensity to hook you in – what a perfect use of dynamics. The lyrics are incredibly memorable, with a catchy verse that grows on you in just a few plays. His voice is perfect for the melodies and lyrics he created!

2nd: Noiser Too
3rd: Yuriko Hayami
4th: Rion Vale Taala

#BollyBeats Winners

Congrats to @bluebratt for taking home the grand #BollyBeats prize of $500 with this hard-hitting track using our Bollywood sound packs! 🏆 If the little taster during our masterclass caught your attention, give the full track a listen here: 

There were so many catchy melodic elements that just reeled us in. Plus, the seamless fusion of the dirty riffs and Bollywood samples gives off an alluring and exciting vibe. This would be the ultimate soundtrack for an epic car chase or intense fight scene. Absolutely well-deserved!

2nd: andymcproducer
4th: Rivo

#SchwiftyBeats Winners

It got schwifty in here, alright. Props to @kaiusna, @aredhel77, @snaptoon, and @lonewytch from The Breakfast Club for clinching the top spot with this hypnotic EDM track that’s hard to forget! ✊

What a brilliant spectrum of sounds on this track – the mix was so well done and the transitions to different parts of the song kept us on our feet. Amazing!

2nd: diet_soap
3rd: matesplash
4th: yodagee374

Thanks to you, we’ve got a ton of catchy tracks to add to our dance playlists for all those December parties! Speaking of which, check out our new contests featuring some fun festive-themed ones – you might bag some moolah to round off the year!