This month we have kept our usual lighting-pace in delivering new and exciting features.

iOS users will see huge updates to the Mix Editor, merging ‘pro’ and ‘simple’ modes resulting in a faster and sturdier experience.

As well as creating tracks on BandLab, make sure you are taking every opportunity to share your music with the community. On web you can now build collections—the perfect place to playlist your favourite tracks. Read on for all the updates from November!



Introducing Collections—now you can curate your own playlists directly on the BandLab website. Create a Collection of the tracks you like to listen to that keeps them all in one place, or put your own music into a Collection to make it easier to share with your fans and show-off your work!



An easy way to curate and discover tracks on BandLab is through #hashtags. Love #lounge music or #trap? Find it more easily with hashtags and then why not build it into a Collection on the web. Alternatively check out the new packages on our explore page including #funk and #musicianswanted – now it is easier to find what you want on BandLab for web, iOS and Android.


Embedded Player

Now you can take tracks you have created on BandLab and using our new Embedded Player you can put those songs on your website or blog to help you extend your exposure and add colour to the other spaces online where you talk about your music. When you click ‘share’ select ‘embed’ and copy-paste the code onto your website or blog and your fans can now listen to your BandLab songs directly from your page.


Brand New Mix Editor & more!

Version 4.0 of BandLab is here on your iOS device and we’ve rebuilt our Mix Editor to be simpler and more intuitive. We’ve merged the old ‘simple and pro’ modes into one powerful recorder so everything you need is on one screen. It’s also easier to edit your lyrics during recording, and we’ve improved the app speed and Mix Editor performance—All this for the smoothest experience possible!


Private Sharing

If you are working on a revision that is not quite ready for the whole wide world to hear you can now use our private sharing featuring on BandLab. Click share and send the link to anyone outside of BandLab and they will be able to access the track even if it is set to private. The perfect reason to head to BandLab and record some new tracks! See you next month for the December update.