We all want to share the music we love with other people. Now BandLab Chat enables you to directly share a track you’ve made (or found) with other users on BandLab — as part of a conversation.


Found inspiration in a beat made by someone? Share it with your Bandmates. Know someone who’s got lyrics but is looking for the right tune? Send them a track you think they’ll love. Just finished working on a track you’re really proud of? Send it to your followers on BandLab.

How it works

Sharing something you’ve found or made is easy; on your mobile, all you need to do is tap the “Chat” logo, and then select who you’d like to share it with.

bandlab fork

On the web, you just copy the URL of the song you like and paste it into your chat panel.

In both cases, this action will automatically create an embedded music player, so whoever you send it to can listen to the tune you’ve shared straight from your chat.

Tip: You can share any song you like, as long as it’s public.

Discover BandLab Chat

Go ahead—give it a go today. Explore BandLab, find a tune you like—then share it with someone else.

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