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October 2021 BandLab Contest winners

October 2021 Contest Winners

October’s been great, fam! We had so much fun listening to all your tracks, and rocking out to some great bangers! We’ve also just released a guide to entering a BandLab Contest, so make sure you check it out! Read on to see your winners for our October Contests!

#CreepItReal Winners

Timmy Neuboy‘s giving us all the creeps and chills with his winning track, aptly titled Spooky! Here’s what our judges had to say:

Soothingly Spooky! @timmyneuboy cradles us with a beautiful Halloween-themed R&B track that hypnotizes you right in! What a voice! The instrumental? It speaks for itself. Hit that play button and be prepared to be mesmerized!

Runners up:

2nd: Fred’s Gratis Scores
3rd: Gary Cummins
4th: Dumizane_mg

#OffTheScale Winners

VAiGZMUSiC has brought our forkable drill track off the scale! Here’s what our judges had to say:

Finally, a sick Grime track on the BandLab radar! Not only did @vaigzmusic drop some dope bars, but those added sonic elements also make the track stand out from the others. Thanks for the bangin’ entry, fam!

Runners up:

2nd: Chef Floridakidd
3rd: GiovyMaz
4th: SEMS

#MoshpitMayhem Winners

It’s mayhem up in here with The Jax Cunningham Band‘s Annihilate! Here’s what our judges had to say:

It’s Moshpit Mayhem! This track is face-melting thrash metal that gets everyone out for a mosh! Excellent production value with killer instrument tones by @thejaxcunninghamband, encompassing what our BandLab Metal Community offers. Let’s open up this pit!

Runners up:

2nd: IdiOtBuRNs
3rd: RDYN
4th: AJ pt

Congratulations to all the BandLab grand prize contest winners and all runners-up for October 2021 for your winning entries! The team totally enjoyed listening to them, and we can’t wait to hear more from you!

Our November contests are still running and we’ve got some exciting things coming up before the end of 2021, so stay tuned!

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