TL;DR: The all NEW Android Mix Editor is here + we’ve released iOS v4.3 and now post effects work on ALL platforms.

NEW Android Mix Editor

We’ve just launched a huge update on Android — the all new Mix Editor. We have put simplicity and intuitivity at the forefront of the design. Plus, we’ve added the ability to edit lyrics during recording. Prepare to be amazed as you create new tracks, all with the BandLab signature ease-of-use!

Post Effects on ALL Platforms

Post effects are awesome — you can add effects like reverb, delay, distortion, modulation to your tracks before or after recording, and you can change them whenever you like. This latest improvement now gives you this capability on ALL platforms — web, Android and iOS!

BandLab iOS v4.3

Our iOS app got a big update too — we’ve added a new global player, a filter for explore, importing images and videos for Shouts, an audible count-in for the metronome and many more tweaks and fixes. Update the app to get the latest and best features BandLab has to offer.

Faster Saving

Saving your work is now 2400% times faster than before. Thanks to all our users who got in touch to let us know you wanted improved save-times on the web. Try saving a revision, and feel the speed!