BandLab introduces a web MIDI Editor—giving you even greater control of your music.

There’s an old musician’s joke that goes: “Q: How do you know when there’s a drummer at the door? A: The knock speeds up!”

Hey, we didn’t say it was a good joke, we just said it was an old one. But it does illustrate a point that’s true for almost any musician (not just drummers): keeping time isn’t easy.

Unless you’re blessed with one of those incredible internal metronomes that some people have, you probably have to rely on a real metronome or a click track to make sure you’re playing in time. Or at least know how far ahead or behind the beat you are.

MIDI solves a lot of those issues.

That’s because it breaks sounds down into pieces of easy-to-edit information (symbolised by a small square or rectangle), rather than waves. This makes them far more manageable. And now that same level of control is available on the BandLab web MIDI Editor.
For example, our web MIDI Editor has a built-in quantization tool, which allows you to select an individual beat or sound—or a whole group of them—then choose where on the grid you’d like them to fall (as 1/4 notes, 1/8th notes, etc.). Bingo (or should that be Ringo?)—you’ve got music in perfect time.

MIDI also makes it much easier to change the sounds you create. You can stretch them, change their velocity or even delete them altogether.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 5.22.12 PM
The BandLab MIDI editor will automatically detect when a MIDI device like a keyboard or a pad controller is connected. But if you don’t have your own MIDI instruments, you can also use some of our on-board sounds in BandLab to change the instrumentation. So a finger snap or a clap you’ve recorded can be turned into a beat from an 808 kit, or a drum beat can become an acoustic bass or piano line.

So start experimenting with BandLab’s new web MIDI Editor today. With even greater creative possibilities, we can’t wait to hear what you make!