Recently, we asked the BandLab community to share your stories with us. Whether it was about musical ambition, or just tiding by the difficult times during lockdown, we wanted to hear first-hand how not just BandLab, but this amazing community, impacts your lives.

Here are six artists whose stories inspired us and we want to celebrate them!


Hey! My name is @nakele_ and I am from Tampa, Florida. All my life I’ve been dreaming. Dreaming of being a world famous singer. I know it’s a bit of a cliché but BandLab has helped me tremendously. Here’s my story. In my family, being famous isn’t supported. It’s because of the stereotypes that come with it – such as “oh they sell their soul” or “they’re all drug addicts” and whatnot. This made it very hard for my mother and I to follow our dreams. But we never stopped. A few days ago I started being active on BandLab, an app that I found long ago. On my last account I had no success. But on this account that i’ve had for less than a week i’ve already gained 100 very supportive followers and i’ve joined a band! I take pride in being a member of the BandLab community and I don’t see myself leaving BandLab. I love this app so much. BandLab truly has brought joy into my life. My name is Nakele and I am a 15 year old future pop star. And I owe it all to BandLab. Over and out, love y’all!


I’ve been a musician for life, playing in cover and original bands in bars and rock clubs. I’ve been recording since 8-track analog multitrack tape recording was the way to go and I still have my pre-Windows copy of Cakewalk (MIDI only!). I guess I just ratted myself out as an old dude!

Anyway, work and life had their way with me, forcing my musical interests to the side. I could not handle being distanced from the one thing that really fulfilled me. What brought me to BandLab was the discovery that my favorite software Cakewalk was being terminated (yeah, that’s right). I went on a furious rant for months, until I stumbled across an article that a company in Singapore bought rights to the software and is keeping Cakewalk alive. The fury went from rage to euphoria when I discovered BandLab. By joining, I get Cakewalk updates free!? (I’ve been gladly buying the flagship license all along.) Wait a second, there are lots of great musicians on here too!? (Insert joyful profanity here!)

In the last two years as a member of BandLab, I found myself in an online pool of phenomenal musicians from around the world – more than I could ever work with in the physical world. That’s helped me shed years of musical neglect. Now that I’m back in practice, my vocal range has improved. I’m in several bands, creating songs which often find themselves on BandLab’s feature lists. Some of this material is being planned for release on commercial music streaming platforms. I’ve had the pleasure of helping other musicians with “how-to” questions. It’s a great reward when you get to influence someone else’s work. We’re all making each other better!

I’ve also been very fortunate in actually getting to meet and speak with some of BandLab’s champions at AES conventions. Thank you sincerely for making the world a better place! Because of the fantastic work you do, I proudly invite new members into BandLab.

So, as far as BandLab helping my musical ambitions, now I look forward to making great musical memories, not just looking back.


BandLab is a platform anyone at any skill level from 0 to 110% total rockstar levels can use to express themselves musically as an artist, or simply as a fan to discover new music we’d never hear in the mainstream mix.

I have found the BandLab experience as a form of the healing arts. I’ve been writing for years, but not in this way. When life would come crashing in on me after suicide loss, the loss of many family members in a really short time, I needed a different outlet for grief. I needed the expression that music allows to release all of those emotions and the pains of loss that were holding me back from healing. I also deal with PTSD. I have found that writing and creating music here, the looper (goodness!), the talented musicians, all of it has been the most healing experience for myself. I have met a lot of wonderful folks across the world here as well. This is all wonderful and I am grateful!


I started using BandLab years ago without much intention of being involved in the community, I mainly just wanted to privately store my rough ideas. Thankfully one day, I was stoked with the stuff I was writing so I decided to post a few acoustic guitar tracks and invited people to write and sing lyrics over them, since that’s not my strong suit. I eventually found musicians that brought the tracks to life, and our musical chemistry was off the charts. We continued helping each other grow by making songs together and giving constructive feedback. Last October I traveled to Texas to record an album and do a performance with @cocobark, they were all songs we made using BandLab 👍👍


My Name is Curtis Alexander I’m from Lafayette Louisiana. I joined BandLab six months ago with my two brothers looking for an app that we could have fun and record with each other, but never thought that I would’ve found a goldmine of people who really know how to use it. Since joining BandLab, I’ve come across many artists on BandLab and learned so much about myself. I think BandLab has saved a lot of lives by giving each person the ability to think that they are Superman and for others, the ability to communicate, collaborate and achieve the goals they never thought they could achieve.


I started on BandLab in July of 2019, and immediately was struck by the simplicity of the site and how easy it was to create from nothing! Soon after I was inspired to write and record a themed song every day for the month of October. Once I realized that there was a niche in the metal community here that needed to be filled, I felt like my wings were spread! I created a band called Blood Oath, and called out for the best and most unique artists and was answered in force! Since then we have come together as a real community of friends; we meet almost daily in the band chat, and from mostly talking about projects, it has given way to deeper friendships and close bonds, FROM AROUND THE WORLD! Once upon a time, I was content with playing guitar without getting much satisfaction. BandLab has changed all that.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share with us your story! We would love to have been able to feature more, but you can always head to our post here to read what this amazing community has shared.