From the Team / 27 July 2021

Private Accounts and Nested Replies are here

New on BandLab – Private Accounts and Nested Replies!

How have you been enjoying the new BandLab 10.0? We showed you some of the biggest features and changes that came with the launch of BandLab 10.0 early this month. Some of you may have been wondering why you haven’t gotten some of those amazing features yet. These changes and features take time to roll out, but today, we’re really excited to announce that Private Accounts and the new, reworked Replies system are here!

Private Accounts – control who sees your profile

Previously on BandLab, all profiles were public. Anyone can see your profile and public posts on BandLab. Now, if you make your account private, only followers you approve will see what you post. With a private account, anyone who wants to follow you will have to send you a follow request.

Private accounts on BandLab

To set your profile private, head to your Settings page. Under Privacy, toggle Private Account on. Once your account is private, only your followers can see what you post. But any of the posts you create with collaborators, bands and communities will still be visible to everyone else in BandLab.

A better way to reply

Comment threads can get really long. And it’s not easy to keep track of your conversations with a user in the comments when everything is in chronological order. To make it easier to navigate around a single post’s comments, we’ve updated our replies functionality.

Nested replies on BandLab mobile app

This new comments system is called nested replies. When you reply to someone’s comment, your response will appear “nested” under it. This keeps conversations much more organized, so it’s easier to have meaningful conversations without being distracted by unrelated comments.

Explore BandLab 10.0

That’s all for now! We hope you’ve been loving the all-new BandLab 10.0! We’ll be back with more updates on new features and changes that we roll out in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, we’ll see you back on BandLab!

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