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Producer series: Guitar and bass

Whether you are looking to release your inner Hendrix, or you’re looking to create basslines that Flea would be proud of, there are plenty of options and features for you to get the most out of on BandLab. But before we dive in, here’s the man behind the Red Hot Chili Peppers basslines with an awe-inspiring set of solo performances…

Bass and Guitar

If you have a bass or guitar at home, then plugging in your instrument into BandLab is really easy, with the BandLab Analog Link. Simply connect it to your phone and link your instrument or mic and you can be recording your solos in seconds. No set up, just plug and play! There’s also a bunch of effects for you to use in BandLab too completely free – including Chorus, Phase, Reverb and Fuzz Wah to name a few. After you’ve recorded into BandLab, you’re then free to add drums and vocals inside the Mix Editor.

BandLab Instruments

Want to play in a bass lick but don’t have a bass guitar? Check out BandLab Instruments where you can choose from a selection of classic bass guitar sounds, or synth bass sounds including Square Sub Bass, Acid Bass and the classic Moog Bass. Play your part in directly from your laptop keyboard and make changes to the MIDI after by simply clicking, dragging and dropping.

Sound Packs

If you can’t play the guitar, but you have a good ear for what sounds great, then you should check out our sound packs. Our in-house sound team are continually building up our library of royalty-free samples and we’ve now hit more than 5000 for you to choose from! Select Loops and All loops and filter out the guitar and bass instrument to find loads of loops in different styles and tempos. Simply drag and drop your favourite parts into the mix editor and add that lead guitar part you’ve always wanted.


Open the Looper on mobile to create full music tracks whatever level of music proficiency you are at! Have a few minutes on your morning commute? Download a sound pack from your favourite genre, hit record and swipe and tap away to create your first beat. As well as beats, there are a number of packs with bass and guitar parts so dig around and get creative. The Looper never goes out of time or key so you really can’t get it wrong.

Adding bass and guitars to your music on BandLab is easy, so get creating and don’t forget to share your work and hashtag #BandLab.

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