Another BandLab Contest, done and dusted! We had so much fun listening to your melodic bars for #Rapsody and marvelling at your forking skills for #FabulousFork. Crowd favorite #LofiVibes also got the judging team vibin’ out!

#Rapsody Winners

#Rapsody’s no. 1 Angie Nero and Lord Cinic are on a Mission to bless our ears! Here’s what our judges had to say:

Spine-tingling! Wow, we’d say this is the best collab of the month. The clever spacing of rap verses to the vocal hook not only drew us in, but immersed us in the message that @angienerolyrics & @lordcinic are trying to convey. That is one killer beat too. Masterpiece!

Runners up:

2nd: PARIAH, Nick Green & Freddie G Baby
3rd: OUTER IMAGE & veganzombie87
4th: SaBex & BIG I$$A🚀🕷🐍🐐

#FabulousFork Winners

This guitar-driven fork from Margab is your #FabulousFork no. 1! Here’s what our judges have to say:

The expressive guitar playing filled with rich harmonics and tone truly gave our track that unique edge. Margab shines as one of the best guitar players/producers here in the BandLab realm, no matter the genre! Exquisite!

Runners up:

2nd: DeeJay12
3rd: ggmd
4th: 🥀TheOnlyYungJalen

#LofiVibes Winners

Your #LofiVibes no. 1 M!tch got us vibin’ to Soulmate! Here’s what our judges have to say:

There’s nothing more romantic than meeting your soulmate spontaneously on a rainy day, and this optimistic, beautiful piece captured that sweet feeling. We also loved those melodic riffs with the Vibraphone – pure delight!

Runners up:

2nd: Talentless Zigs
3rd: Kuraness
4th: Miami73

Congratulations to all the BandLab contest winners and runners-up for your incredible winning entries! Y’all killed it!

We’re just two weeks into October, so you can still take part in this month’s BandLab’s contests – #CreepItReal, #OffTheScale and #MoshpitMayhem!

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