is the simplest way to house all the content you’re driving followers to. And it’s completely free.

It’s been an exciting year at BandLab HQ, and most recently we’ve been in Atlanta for the A3C Conference and Festival, and studio recording sessions with our Tracklanta winners! If you haven’t seen some of the updates, look out soon for the videos following our winners to Atlanta, showcasing their experiences there in five of Atlanta’s best studios with five incredible award winning producers.

Though we’re always working hard on improving the core platform, our creators are everything to us and as the platform has grown, we’ve spent a lot of time listening to their struggles, over lunch, via BandLab Chat or email to our support team. Our Atlanta trip was a great opportunity to sit down with our winners and hear more about our users as music makers, living the hustle.

One of the most common challenges we heard about was how to effectively drive traffic from their myriad of social media pages to highlight their new releases, important announcements and other notable updates.

With that in mind, we’re happy to introduce – a simple and free tool for artists, brands and content creators.

It allows you to create a lightweight website with multiple links that you can put in your Instagram, Twitter, TikTok (you name it) bio to help optimise your online presence and drive traffic to all the right places.

How do I use

Your main page is a unique URL that is tied to your BandLab username (so you may want to reserve one right now).

Via the admin dashboard, you can add as many links you want (officially up to 100, but who’s counting?) and each link can go anywhere you want it to – the latest revision you published on BandLab, a new gig listing on EventBrite or the guitar you’re trying to sell on eBay.

Your fans will find it easy to browse your recent content, even if they miss a post in your feed, and you have complete freedom to swap links out, delete old content or add new links whenever you want without needing to edit the link in your bio. 

This really is the simplest way to help amplify your social media presence online and grow your effectiveness as an artist by driving traffic to the places that make a difference to you.

Best of all, it’s completely free – just sign up for it with your BandLab account.

Track engagement with analytics

To make things more meaningful for creators, we’ve added analytics that let you track views per page and clicks per each link. In addition, we’ve given you the power to schedule. You can set start and end dates for when your link will appear on your page. So set and forget for regular posts – or give a time limited glimpse of your work.

You have the power to show what you want, when you want. 

Pick the look you want 

And because you might want to use this as your creative display window to the world, we’ve given you the power to customise the look of your page. We’ve given you a few themes to cycle through. When you’re on the web settings page, you can make your selection and see a live preview of what your site would look like on the right.

Everyone can use it!

Today, we’re excited to release into public beta and it’s now open to anyone and everyone – all you need to do to use it is to log in with your BandLab account.

We have new themes, more granular analytics and various page types on the way – we can’t wait to see how you use it and hear your feedback!

Most importantly, we hope it proves to be a useful tool for you along your creative journey.