OK, think back—when was the time you took a picture and shared it with a friend? Last night? Lunchtime today? 5 minutes ago?

It’s never been easier to inspire the people around us. Think about it: those great photos you took on holiday and shared on Instagram—they just might influence your friend’s next holiday destination (a little envy can be a powerful thing!). But one thing’s for sure—we get inspired every day, consuming seemingly endless pictures and videos in today’s hyper-connected world.

So in addition to sharing music on BandLab, we wanted to make it easy to share other experiences, too, so we’ve created a new way for you to express yourself.

Meet our latest feature: Shouts.

When you want to “Shout” on BandLab, start by taking a photo or a 15-second video, add text or hand-write a caption, add emojis, different filters and then share it with your followers. It’s all about sharing the things which inspire you, your creative process, or anything worth talking about—at that very moment. So, whether you’re walking out of a store with a new guitar, about to step into the recording studio for the first time, or backstage at a Skrillex gig, share those special moments on BandLab.

Shouts is fun and simple to use. On your mobile device, simply tap (+) and select Shout. Grant BandLab access to your camera, and you’re good to go (or Shout). It’s as easy as taking a selfie! On the web, just click “Create” on the top right panel.

You can Shout from all BandLab platforms—your web browser, iPhone or Android device—anytime, anywhere. And once you’ve taken your photo or video, you can share it to Instagram or email a link to anyone.

Video shouts isn’t available on Android yet, but it’s coming real soon!

Shouting gets you heard—in a fun, engaging way—and gives you another platform to be as creative as you want.

We’re taking BandLab to the next level of social engagement. We believe this will create a deeper, more meaningful way users can connect with the community. What you do today could very well inspire a whole bunch of people tomorrow. A Shout is also a great way to let people know that you’re ready to collaborate on any project. And if they respond, you can send them an invitation to an in-song collaboration.

We’re very excited to bring you Shouts. Now it’s easy to share the way you create music—or the things that inspire you. Shout about them and who knows what you can inspire others to do!

26/7 UPDATE: Video Shouts are out on Android devices now!