It’s only the 2nd month that we’ve been asking you to send us you instrumental creations to feature on Hot Beats and we’ve gotta say, the standard has been incredibly high! All of the beats sent in are forkable and this has resulted in thousands and thousands of musicians globally creating remixes, writing lyrics, rapping over the top, laying down vocals and making the beats their own from the original creations. If you are an artist or producer looking to have your beats featured visit here to find out how you can do just that. If you’re looking for inspiration, or for instrumentals, then check the blog regularly and head to the Hot Beats list daily. This is your daily source for great quality instrumentals, all handpicked and ready for you to fork and remix to your heart’s content.

We’ve had a influx of top quality Hot Beats this month! Here’s a run down of the best…

Flamer – What You Need

Already the inspiration for over 150 tracks and counting, Flamer’s fresh and sexy RnB beat is pure fire. If you’re a fan of Crew Love Records, and familiar with the sounds Soul Clap or Wolf + Lamb, then this is certainly one for you. And best of luck keeping the vocal hook out your head! “Can’t always give you want, give you what you need”…

Kidd Primal – Siren

Kidd Primal here with a Trap inspired BOMB that’ll do nothing but light up dancefloors. Atmospheric, deep baselines with fast rolling hi-hat’s, it’s a gem of a track just waiting for a lyric to help unleash it’s full potential.

TORS – Till The Day I Die

If there was a track to open your curtains in the morning and let the sunshine pour in, then Till the Day I Die would be it. Laid back vibes with lush swells and shakers, combined to tell a story you want to stick around for. Add a Morcheeba-style vocal part or some bars inspired by Nas to take it to the next level.

Klassiq – McFlyy

If you need to get one back on the neighbours, then this speaker freaker is the way to do it! Elements of EDM and Trap combined to produce a track which would test the low frequencies of any sound system.

LocusLoFi – 80’s on 8

Take yourself back to the future with this 80s inspired piece that could quite easily inspire the intro sequence for Stranger Things 3. Just hold on and wait for the huge Phil Collins style snare… 80’s on 8 is like sipping on a huge cup of pure nostalgia.

RapseckOficial – Beat voz

The simplest ideas are often the best and nothing come more close to the point than RapseckOficial’s Beat voz. A noodling bassline that’s so warm, it feels like it licks the inside of your ears, a laid back beat and a bit of delayed sniffing and breathing sounds combined for wonderful effect. All you Slick Ricks and MF Dooms of the world, eat your heart out.

Get remixing and don’t forget to check Hot Beats daily for the best instrumentals to remix and rap over.