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Spring 2022: BandLab Album Picks

Some tunes are in order for those balmy Spring afternoons 🍃 We’ve discovered some serious talent here in the lab and can’t wait for you to give these four BandLab albums a listen. If they’re not in your playlists yet, they will be soon. 

Vent Sessions: The Lost Tapes Vol. 1 

Genre: Hip Hop
Artist: Aye Ceee

Get hooked on the first volume of Aye Ceee’s Vent Sessions which features some hard-hitting bass, and a flow that’s beyond smooth. Track one, Bad Feeling, has a choral-like hook that’s bound to get stuck in your head all day. 

Listen to it here: 


Genre: Ambient Electronic

Set the vibe with this thematic album where each track is named after an element: Air, Aqua, Earth and Light. Soak in the varied elemental atmospheres where rich synths, punchy drums and ambient electronic sounds and samples take center stage. 

Listen to it here: 

Electric City

Genre: Electronic 
Artist: RZNE

This futuristic BandLab album is reminiscent of a Black Mirror episode. RZNE transports us to an electrifying AI-run world with cleverly produced electronic sounds and melodic beats. Go on a heart-thumping adventure in the first half of the album as you journey through the Electric City, and mellow down in the second half as your journey comes to an end. 

Listen to it here: 

Bring The Sax

Genre: Rock
Artist: The North Rocks

Switch things up with this saxophone-focused BandLab album. Imagine this: it’s the 60s, you’re having a drink with friends at your local pub, the band is playing and you’re getting ready to dance! The album’s upbeat vibe brings a youthful energy that complements its punk rock instrumentation, coupled with anthemic elements. You just know it’s a belter. 

Listen to it here: 

Which was your favorite of the lot? We’ve definitely found some stellar talent here and can’t wait for more to come. Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured next!  

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