We’re living in some crazy times right now and many of us in the world right now are following advice to stay at home and stay safe to curb the spread of the virus.

All this means your jam sessions are off, no more meeting up with your fellow musos, and going out in to the world that inspires us every day is just not possible anymore.

But that doesn’t mean making music gets called off too. On BandLab, there are many ways for you to keep playing, writing, collaborating and connecting, all while being at home!

We all can do our part to stop the spread. #stayhomestaycreative! Make more music! Here’s how BandLab can help…

Make music anywhere, or at home!

We’ve got a long list of loops and beats on our Mix Editor for the creator who just wants to get started. We’ve got tonnes of samples and Virtual Instruments you can hook up your MIDI instruments to. There are Guitar/Bass Amp Simulation for those who want to record their instruments straight in.

Editing tools are plenty on the Mix Editor too. We’ve got time-stretching, automation and much more!

Find collaborators

If making music for one isn’t your thing, team up with someone else on BandLab. Collaborations keep you socialising while keeping your social distance and can eventually lead to unexpected and great results. No idea where to start? Try searching for the right collaborator with Creator Connect.

Whether you’re looking for a vocalist or a beatmaker or just someone to talk about your newest idea in the worldwide BandLab community, Creator Connect is the easiest way to find potential collaborators on BandLab. All you have to do is fill out your profile, location, talents and favourite genres, and we’ll do the job of sorting out the potential artists you could collaborate with!

Make music together in real-time

BandLab on your web browser lets you collaboration in real-time. This means you can jam together with your friends across the world in real-time!

You can invite collaborators to the Mix Editor and work with them on the same project in real time. You can share your current session from inside the Mix Editor, and once you’ve got your collaborator joins, they’ll be able to view your edits in real time!

We’ve also doubled the number of users you can collaborate with in one project – for now (this will be temporary). You can collaborate with up to 50 band members and 50 project collaborators so you can bring your entire band online!

Fork a track 

If you’re struggling for inspiration, there are thousands of tracks from our BandLab community that you can jump on and rework it in your own way. You can build on the work, add to it, change it and ultimately, if you like, republish your version of the track. If you see the green Fork button on a track, hit it and it’ll add to your Mix Editor.

Listen, comment, connect through music 

Another easy way of connecting to the millions of users on BandLab is as simple as listening to their music and engaging with them directly. Take some time to explore BandLab – listen to music in communities, collections and take the time to connect with creators you dig by simply dropping them a comment! They could be just like you, stuck at home with free time to kill – who knows, small things can lead to greater things!

Join a contest

We run contests monthly on BandLab. If you’re not on them yet, you really need to check them out! There’s nothing to lose joining one of the many contests dropped each month, only a shot at winning cash prizes. You can check out this month’s contests here.