Looking for some new tunes for the month? We’re spoilt for choice with sizzling tracks from electronic to hip hop by our very own BandLab creators! Check out our top picks and add them to your playlists, stat. ☀️


Genre: Electronic
Artist: inkbox360

inkbox360 displays stellar sound design and a wide array of sonic elements in Entropy, from clean synths to dirty, gnarly bass. Go on a sonic adventure with this one – the peaks and valleys in the track arrangements create a good kind of intensity, with layered arpeggios giving some nice melodic movement. Go from emo feels in Coldstep, to crazy cyberpunk madness in MALWAR3.EXE, to epic chaos in Fission. It’s deliciously unpredictable.

Listen to it here: 


Genre: Hip hop
Artist: dxfiant

This is a really well-produced album with solid beats and lush vocal layers that add depth. It strikes a lovely balance between meaningful lyrics and a harmonious blend of singing and rapping. We loved how the album starts off on a darker note and builds up to a positive, summery vibe. Plus points for suspended moments that add some emphasis and tension!

Listen to it here: 

Full Moon in Barbados

Genre: R&B
Artist: vallenjanai

Production was really on point with this album! Each track was brilliantly mixed, allowing all the different genres to come together in a cohesive way. It gives off beachy, Caribbean vibes perfect for the summer, complemented by beautiful instrumentation and tight dancehall beats layered with gorgeous, soulful vocals. Tracks like Bless Up really get you on your feet, while Voodoo Love makes you relax and vibe! 

Listen to it here: 

Cursed Thorn

Genre: Metal/Nu metal
Artist: hellboundofficial

This was an amazing metal music experience from start to finish, with a good pace and flow. The mix of stellar guitar tones, pounding drums and a well-rounded low end keeps the listener engaged and in the moment. We loved the use of effects that incorporate alternative metal sounds like DJ scratches, synths and beats. Highly listenable on repeat!

Listen to it here: 

Loved our summer picks? Let us know which one you vibed with the most 🏝️ Continue making great music, and you might be featured next on this list!