From the Team / 4 April 2017

Take Control of Your Music This March — Latest Product Updates on BandLab

TL;DR: Improvements on the Android Mix Editor, a new web Global Player, web Mix Editor improvements to saving and downloading + it’s now possible to block users!

Android Mix Editor Improvements

The latest update to the Android app includes HUGE improvements to the Mix Editor. You can now cut, slice, delete, copy & paste regions of tracks, we’ve added a beats & bars ruler in Mix View and improved the undo & redo functions.

New Global Player for Web

We’ve redesigned the Global Player for web, making it even easier to listen to your own playlists. It’ll continuously play wherever you navigate on BandLab. You can add any song on BandLab to the Global Player simply by clicking “Play Next”.

Work Whilst Saving

Now your work can be saving in the background whilst you continue making music. Just click ‘Save’ in the top right corner of the web Mix Editor and a new revision will be created.

Download Mixdown

On the web Mix Editor, we now give you the option to download your mixdown as an uncompressed 16bit WAV file or an optimised 128kbps MP3 file.

Blocking Accounts

Blocking another user on BandLab means they can no longer message you, like or comment on any of your posts, or view your feed. You can always unblock them at anytime.

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