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The hottest beats on BandLab and the projects they’ve inspired: June 2018

It’s only a month since BandLab launched Hot Beats, the portal for the hottest rap and hip-hop instrumentals on the platform and the submissions have been outstanding so far! Out of thousands of submissions we’ve picked over a hundred instrumentals which have made it onto our Hot Beats list. These tracks have already gone on to inspire over six thousand live projects from producers, rappers and lyricists globally and at BandLab, we are super excited to share some of our favourites, including some of the artists they’ve inspired.

You can find the full Hot Beats list on the Explore page right from your mobile…

Today we’re going to give you our favourites for the month of June, but not only that, we’re gonna hit you with some of the projects they inspired!!! Enjoy…

Tenchi Retro – first beat 

Tenchi Retro’s first beat is reminiscent of Mr Scruff – a smooth and laid back approach to hip-hop which would be a perfect backing track for any rappers who list A Tribe Called Quest or The Pharcyde as their inspiration.

Kaycee Jeffries took elements of Tenchi Retro’s track like the bassline, added a hook and a vintage crackle – the sort of which you would expect on a 90’s throwback skater video.

Zayon Young – Soul Cry

Zayon Young’s Soul Cry is a flashback to the 80s with a warm Rhodes and glass bell sounds throughout which would look perfect over a montage sequence in Stranger Things. A bit of Phil Collins-style reverb snares to the track only adds to the sense of nostalgia Zayon has created…

DJ and Beatmaker Gwo Jay offered an alternative edit, flipping the arrangement and using the guitar motif as the central part of his track offering a slight shift in emotional response to the music.

Red ECONOMY – In The End of Time

Having clocked just short of 6 thousand plays, In The End of Time by Red Economy is a futurist statement which a strong drum track, growing pads and multiple layers of keys and sonic candy to keep you interested right until the end. Think Blade Runner.

Kaushal Patel stripped the track to it’s bare bones to create an intro which takes longer to build but teases different elements in and out along to the prominent drum track and bass line…

DyNa MoE – Cube

DyNa MoE hits us with a track here which is super fresh and current with a beat that has a trap feel to it with a sprinkling of Timbaland flavour. So much so that’s it’s gone on to inspire 69 projects and counting…

Red Johnson Jr. adds adds some really interesting lyrics and flow over the top of this, playing with the filter at parts through to give the track texture. The vocal hook “now that’s how i do it when i rock it” is definitely one that’ll be stuck in your head all day.

Zeek – Lo-Fi Hip Hop Demo

Zeek here with Lo-Fi Hip Hop Demo – a piece that stands well on it’s own with or without lyrics. The verse, chorus, verse arrangement with bridge sections makes it gold dust for any rappers or vocalists out there looking for a a simple back beat they can add some lyrical flavour too. There are plenty of directions you can take this track in.

CitizenJames uses topical references and his unique flow to give us a new perspective on Zeek’s track which he calls Talk Extraordinaire.

Don’t forget to check Hot Beats for new tracks, it’s updated daily with the freshest submissions on BandLab from the very best Hip-Hop creators.

Be inspired.

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