We talk a lot about breaking down the barriers of making music. To do that, you first need easy access to the tools to make music. Enter BandLab’s Mix Editor – our flagship mobile-first digital audio workstation (DAW) available natively across all your devices, Android or iOS and directly via your browser. Over the years, BandLab’s Mix Editor has changed the way creators view music creation in the same way Google Docs and Sheets did when they first burst onto the scene, and we are still the only cross-platform option available to creators today – built with collaboration at its heart.

With BandLab, creating music is no longer bound by the walls of a studio. It doesn’t need to be expensive, technically troublesome, nor was it only reserved for the pros. What was once an inaccessible tool reserved for the avid music producer is now a mainstay in any creator’s arsenal, and available in the palm of your hands. Today, over four tracks are created every single second (more than 10 million a month) via BandLab around the world.

Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced music producer writing charting hits, BandLab’s Mix Editor simplifies the natural workflow to music creation. Every update has brought improvements, bug fixes and new features. But with the release of BandLab 10.0, it was the perfect time to take the Mix Editor to the next level.

A brand new, simpler interface

The new BandLab Mix Editor interface

The first thing you’ll notice with the new mobile Mix Editor is the simple and beautiful new look. But it’s not just the visual aesthetics that’s changed. We designed these improvements to make using the Mix Editor easier, so you can focus on what matters most – making music.

Session Restore

Want to jump out of Mix Editor real quick to check your feed? We’ve got you covered: we’ll automatically save your session for you, whether or not you’ve created a revision.


The Timeline is now present in every screen, from the Multi Track Window to Single Track View, Instrument View, and even Multi Track Mix Window. We’ve also added a time indicator so you can now understand the length of their song in minutes and seconds in addition to bars and beats.

Master Volume

We updated the master volume to make it even easier to use. It now sits underneath the individual tracks in Multi-Track Mix View with an expanded height that helps you quickly control the volume of your song.


We’ve updated and re-organized the settings menu to provide exactly what you need to customize your Mix Editor experience just the way you like it. 

MIDI Quantize

Toggling MIDI Quantize on and off is now even easier from the settings menu. Now you don’t have to worry about whether it’s on for each instrument. Set it and forget it to get back to making music.

Easier to enter single track view

It’s now easier than ever to access Single Track or Instrument View. Just tap on the active track icon and you’re there.

Improved effects access

You asked for easier access to effects presets, and you got it. Just tap on the Fx pill next to the track icon and you’ll be ready to add effects.

Built for the creator, with your help

Like many other new features and improvements that come with BandLab 10.0, our community is at the heart of it all. After all, it is all of you who are using the Mix Editor every day to make music! More than ever, it is crucial to understand how our most prolific users actually use the Mix Editor to make music. We wanted to find out what their challenges were and the blockers they faced when creating.

Rethinking architecture: Building a tool for everyone

Everyone has got a different way of using the tools on BandLab. That’s no different with our Mix Editor. But we challenged ourselves to come up with a Conceptual Model – an illustrative tool that serves to show a generalized understanding of the entirety of Mix Editor. 

We used Miro, an online collaborative tool, to work together as a team to build out our shared understanding of how Mix Editor works. We clarified every component of the system for ourselves and made sure we were all on the same page, before asking anyone else to jump in. That’s why BandLab 10.0 is the simplest and easiest to learn mobile DAW.

There’s even more to come

The new Mix Editor you see today is just another point in our journey of building even better tools for creators. With BandLab 10.0, it’s just the beginning. We’re going to keep reaching out and learning from you, honing Mix Editor so that it continues to be simpler, more beautiful, and easier to learn. 

Discover the new mobile Mix Editor

You can see for yourself just how easy it is to get started making music on BandLab. BandLab is completely free to use. There’s no subscriptions, hidden fees, paywalls, in-app purchases or even ads! All you have to do is start making music. Download BandLab on the App Store and Play Store today.

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