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Tracklanta 2020: Virtual Remix ft. Charron

Tracklanta Virtual Remix ft Charron

Tracklanta: Virtual Sessions is about to get even hotter. That’s because we’re dropping another TWO contests that will taking freestyle to the next level.

The prizes?

The first wins you a once-in-a-lifetime session with the master of freestyle Corey Charron from MTV’s hit show Wild N Out. Charron will mentor you on improving your bars, plus you take home a cool cash prize of 500USD!

The second contest prize will see you battling it out with Charron live during the A3C Virtual Event on 15 October.

For those who still remember Tracklanta 2019 and the A3C Conference and Festival, Charron hosted a Battle Royale organized by BandLab and A3C at The Basement in Atlanta. 16 talented rappers got to go face to face in a single elimination round robin tournament and the final one who beat them all got to battle it out with Charron himself. 

Freestyling is the the purest form of hip hop. In an era where ghost writing is so common, improvising off the dome is a lost art. 

Corey Charron

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#TracklantaBars – Show off your freestyle

Introducing #TracklantaBars – the contest that will separate the good from the great freestyle rappers. Here you get to go head to head virtually with Charron.

Here’s what he has to say about the contest: “Freestyling is the the purest form of hip hop. In an era where ghost writing is so common, improvising off the dome is a lost art. I’m extremely excited to work with BandLab and A3C again! Last year we found a bunch of talent and had a very successful tournament. The quarantine has affected live performances so we feel an online showdown is necessary in this current climate.”

We’ve got a beat, and Charron has recorded his bars over. All you got to do is record your bars to complement or contradict his verses. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Head to the contest landing page here and scroll down to Featured Contests. Look out for the #TracklantaBars beat “Charron’s Rhyme
  2. You can listen to the beats by tapping play, and when you’ve chosen your prefered beat/s, tap on “Enter Contest”. Or, just listen to the contest beat above, tap on the track, and tap on the green “fork” button to download the stems
  3. Tapping “Enter Contest” will open up the Mix Editor. There, you can record your bars to complement or contradict Charron’s verse with your own original flow. 

Submit your entries by 10 October 2020.

The prize

There are THREE one hour long mentoring sessions with Charron up for grabs!

You get to score a unique opportunity to up your freestyle game to new heights because Charron will be personally giving you tips on improving your flow.

Just like every contest round for Tracklanta: Virtual Remix, we’re giving each winner a 500USD cash prize!


#TracklantaLive – Battle with Charron LIVE

Ever wanted to test your freestyle against one of the best? Now you’ve got the chance to battle Charron as part of the A3C Virtual Event on 15 October. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Record a video, up to one minute, of yourself freestyle rapping over any beat
  2. Upload it to Instagram (your profile must public)
  3. Tag @bandlab and have the hashtag #TracklantaLive in the caption.

Submit your entries by 10 October 2020.

The prize

THREE winners will get to take to the virtual stage and battle with Charron live during the A3C Virtual Event on 15 October 2020.

How we pick the winners

I’m hoping to find that ‘it’ factor. Just someone that you listen to and think, “wow, this emcee is just different.” 

The BandLab panel of judges will pick a shortlist of finalists and Charron will then pick the final winners from the shortlist.

Here’s what Charron wants to see in the winner: “I’m hoping to find that ‘it’ factor. Just someone that you listen to and think, “wow, this emcee is just different.” The beautiful thing about the internet is anyone in the world can compete in this tournament. I can’t wait for upcoming artists to check out. This is your chance to shine and win some money.”

Charron himself will announce the all the winners on 15 October 2020.


I’m new to BandLab. How can I get started ASAP?

You first need to sign up for free. Once you’ve got your account up and running, you can start making music immediately. Head to our quick crash course on getting started here.

Is BandLab free to use? Are there any hidden costs?

BandLab is completely free to use. There are no tiered pricing plans, trials or limited usage.

Can I submit more than one entry for each contest?

Yes, you are free to submit multiple entries per round.

Can I join these rounds if I’ve already entered #TracklantaOG and #TracklantaFlow.

Yes, you can join every one of the Tracklanta: Virtual Remix contests!

For more FAQs on using BandLab, head to our Help Center here.

Also, we’ve got stacks of content on our blog, with tutorials on beatmaking and production, interviews, and lots more that could help you with your Tracklanta: Virtual Remix journey.

IMPORTANT: Users found to be in violation of the BandLab Community Guidelines or contest rules during the contest period will be automatically disqualified from the winner’s selection process.

Click here for the Tracklanta 2020: Virtual Session full Terms & Conditions.

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