Tracklanta 2020: Virtual Sessions is finally here! Although a slightly follow up from last year’s debut, the goals are exactly the same. And who better to tell us about how Tracklanta has empowered aspiring artists than our winners who traveled to Atlanta last year?

This time, we speak to Tracklanta winner Summer, who recorded with producer Bryan-Michael Cox and Doppler studios, to find out more how the experience has changed her life.

It’s been one year on from Tracklanta, fill us in on what you’ve been up to in the music world?

I’ve been trying to understand my identity as a musician. I’ve been networking, discovering new support from musical family members, selling my CD, performing live videos, and experimenting with my online brand/presence. This year has been a lot of trial and error – but now I know where I want to go in the future.

A long overdue question – what were some of your fondest memories of Tracklanta 2019?

It was simply being in the break room with the fellow winners and some of the BandLab team (and camera crew). It was fun being in awe that we all made it there – it was fun learning who everyone was.

I loved experiencing what a professional studio was like. It was nice to pass people in the halls actively at work. It was also awesome to see gold and platinum records on the walls – we really were where history had been made.

Having lunch with the BandLab team was really nice too! It was nice to see what you were about – you guys were awesome! Bittersweet departure.

What’s the biggest thing that has changed for you since Tracklanta?

My network. I am collaborating more, and I am in contact with rising producers I met at the A3C conventions. For example, a producer in Florida is using my samples and a guitar solo for an upcoming song!

After spending quality time with the producers in world class studios, what are some takeaways that have impacted the way you approach your music making?

I am more mindful of the freedom/energy I choose to give off when I sing. I am more mindful of layering and background vocals.

Out of all the things you learned, what was the most valuable piece of advice you got from your mentor?

My mentor showed me that genuine interactions go a long way – no matter how busy you are.

A friend of the producer, who was a female DJ and NY business owner, was there, just hanging out. She gave me such great advice on entrepreneurship and a great perspective on the importance of women in the music studio. Sometimes women bring great emotional support to the music making process

Finally, it’s okay to ask to rent commercial spaces for a night and turn them into a gallery!

A lot of my music is like living life. You really only know what you made when you look back. I am hoping to encourage others, on their music journey or life journey, to keep creating what they envision.

Do you still keep in touch with the producers, fellow winners, or anyone you worked or met at the A3C Conference?

Yes. I loved my fellow winners Trynece and 845 Fresh – we got along really well as friends by the end.

Tell us more about your inspiration.

I love nature and the way the world works – there is so much to discover if you quiet down your stressors in life. Through time, beautiful things are constantly being created. And things that took time and patience to create are most inspiring to me.

What do you want people to know about you as an artist?

I make music never really knowing what I’m going to make.  A lot of my music is like living life. You really only know what you made when you look back. I am hoping to encourage others, on their music journey or life journey, to keep creating what they envision. It will be spectacular!

We love how you have grown through 3 Years Threaded! From the first to the last track, we see that your musical style has really matured there. What would your next EP/Album be sounding like? 

I have a few collections of songs coming up. One EP is a live recording and focused on lyrics and presentation. I wanted to make a set of songs I could perform on stage one day.

In the second EP, I simplified my instrumentation and included more harmonization of vocals. There are quite a few instrumentals in this collection. It’s a lot about feeling at peace.

And in my current music, I’m not paying attention to structure; each section of the music runs into the next. So it might sound like 4 songs in one. It’s like you’re listening to an art museum.  I’m being very in-the-moment and letting my heart create what feels right. It’s super fun because you and I won’t know will come next.

What’s next for you?

I want to be more in touch with people around me. And show more of the real me as I do it – even if it’s through the internet.

Summer Treneal - Tracklanta winner