Still listening to Christmas songs? That’s perfectly valid. But for those looking for something new to listen to, we’ve got you covered. Our team was seriously impressed by these four BandLab albums, packed with gems to add to your 2022 playlists. Give them a listen!

Neon City Nights

Genre: Lofi Hip Hop
Artist: Hllrz

If you’re into Lofi, this is a must-listen. From intriguing cover art and track titles to a lush timbre that sets the perfect moody vibe, this album is great for a chill and relaxing night in – with just enough fire to make you sit up and take notice. We especially loved the Dark Knight references in track five, God Save The Queen.

Listen to it here:


Genre: World Music
Artist: R.Rei

One word: captivating. We thoroughly enjoyed these South African sounds fused with electronic elements that got us on our feet dancing. The tracklist took us on a journey with mesmerizing instrumentals, constantly evolving with never a dull moment. Mixing was on point, with diverse sonic elements melding seamlessly together. The cherry on top? This album is dedicated to people across the world, making us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Listen to it here: 

thinking about you

Genre: Jazz Lofi 
Artist: dreemy

Picture this: it’s raining outside, you’ve lit some candles and need some background music to get into the vibe. This is the perfect album for that. Cleverly produced with smooth-as-butter transitions, the instrumental album features a plethora of sounds with a nice balance of Hifi and Lofi elements – think jazzy guitar and bass interspersed with natural sounds like water droplets and thunder. This one’s definitely going into our work-from-home album rotation.

Listen to it here:


Genre: Progressive Metal
Artist: Forbidden

Yes, this is a metal album with solid progressive metal instrumentation – but we get hints of pop, rock and nu metal embedded in there which makes for an interesting listen. In fact, we’d say it’s up for your interpretation and imagination. Expect the unexpected with odd time signatures, and immerse in the clever use of heavy rhythm patterns that help searing arpeggios and melodic solos shine. 

Listen to it here: 

What a solid selection from an incredibly talented community. We can’t wait to see what else you come up with in 2022! Who knows? Your BandLab album might just be featured in our next curation.

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