From the Team / 31 October 2018

Your Halloween Special Features Update: Dark Theme, 80s Horror & Count Trapula Packs, New Channels and more

The Halloween season calls for spooky new features!

Embrace the darkness with our new dark theme on iOS and web, or create a chilling soundtrack for zombies to shuffle along to with our latest Halloween-inspired Looper packs. These are just some of the latest features on BandLab, so read on to find out what’s new.

Remember to update BandLab to make sure you don’t miss out on any of these awesome features!

Dark Theme on iOS and web

We’ve had many requests for a universal dark theme since we introduced it for Android. You can now switch to a dark theme in the Mix Editor on iOS and web.

To activate the dark theme on iOS, tap on the gear icon on the top of the screen. Under Additional Settings, flip the dark theme on.

On web, you can choose from our Light and Cookie themes as well!

New Spooky Looper Packs

Put together a bone-chilling track worthy of any Halloween playlist in minutes with two of our newest Looper packs on mobile.

Create a John Carpenter-esque soundtrack with our synth-heavy Looper pack 80s Horror, or a spooky tune backed with a quick-fire trap beat on our Count Trapula Looper pack.

Even more new MIDI instruments and Effect Presets

Last month, we introduced a wave of new sounds, and we’re not stopping there. From today you’ll see two more sound banks – Dubstep Lead and Overdriven Power Chords.

Check out the fresh new 80s underground, Chicago house inspired effect presets including Acid Synth, Synth Wah, WareHouse, and New Age Ambience.

New Virtual Instruments, Effects and MIDI Editor panel

Head over to the web Mix Editor and when you select BandLab Instruments, you’ll see a new and improved UI.

Now you can toggle easily between three tabs – Instrument, Effects and MIDI Editor. When recording a vocal, guitar or bass track, you can select your input and channels easily in the Source tab.

Click on the full-screen button on the top left-hand corner of the panel to view it in a beautiful, large interface, with the preset effects easily accessible at the bottom of the screen.

New Channels: R&B, Jazz and Country

On BandLab, we’re building Channels for all your most popular genres – now, please welcome R&B, Jazz and Country!

A Channel is a place you can find the genre’s latest news, trending tags on BandLab, featured collections with handpicked music, and featured communities. Find them on your Explore page.

As usual, watch this space – we’re working on creating Channels for more of your favourite genres.

Tip: Make sure you select those genres as one of your favourite genres on your profile page to get access to their relevant Channel.

Happy creating – have fun exploring this bag of new feature tricks & treats!

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