From the Team / 20 December 2021

3 ways to boost your Year in Review

We’ve just released our long-anticipated 2021 Year in Review with a round-up of your most memorable BandLab moments this year. If your results weren’t as shareable, it probably means you’ve been keeping a low profile – and there’s nothing wrong with that. But hey, if you’re looking to try something new next year, here are 3 ways to start:

1. Find the Billie to your Finneas

Stuck in your own bubble? Finding someone to collaborate with can widen your horizons and encourage you to complete that project you’ve left on the back burner. 

2. Peep #BandLab hacks on TikTok

Need some inspiration to start creating? Check out the #BandLab hashtag on TikTok and you’re bound to find something. With 188.2M views and counting, our creator community has tips, tricks, tutorials, and more to get you fired up for your next project.

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3. Explore our new features

We’ve recently launched a bunch of new features to enhance your music-making experience. Generate unique musical ideas on SongStarter, create music from any sound using Sampler, and make practicing a breeze with Metronome. Stay tuned for more features in the pipeline, and comment with your feedback on our socials!

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