From the Team / 8 April 2021

New features: Sharing to TikTok and more

BandLab new features: Share to TikTok and more

2021 has been a crazy year for the team at BandLab. From hitting 30 million registered users to working on overdrive for our upcoming updates, it’s been an exciting start to a promising year for BandLab. While everyone is hard at work, we thought we’d check back in with you to show you some small, but significant new features like sharing to TikTok, that will help you get your music out to the world, and inside of BandLab as well.

Here are some new features on BandLab you may not have noticed recently!

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Sharing your videos to TikTok

Share to TikTok

As a creator, video content plays such an integral part in your strategy to engage with your fans. Especially short-form videos like those we all have become so familiar with on Instagram Stories and in the last few years, TikTok.

On BandLab, we have creators sharing videos of their creative process, behind the scenes videos, and so much more. But every creator has fans from all over the internet so it’s equally important to be able to share your videos with fans outside of BandLab.

Now, you can share your videos on BandLab to TikTok!

On top of sharing your BandLab songs to social media platforms like Instagram, now you can share your videos directly to the popular video-sharing platform TikTok. As usual, just tap on the share button and BandLab will take care of the rest. 

Trending posts on your feed

Trending posts on your BandLab Feed

The posts which appear on your feed has always appeared in a simple, straightforward way – chronologically sorted. Now we’ve included an option for your to have trending posts and music appear at the top of your feed.

You can also choose what genre you’d like to see on your feed. So whether you’re content with the classic, chronological feed, or you want to see what’s hot first – you’re in full control.

This feature is currently only available on your web browser and the BandLab Android app too.

Trending Tags

Trending hashtags on explore

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple hashtag! Now, the hottest hashtags on BandLab are now right here on your Explore page. You already know how hashtags work – get your music featured on a trending hashtag to reach an even larger audience. Tag your songs with some of these trending hashtags, or create your own hashtag (who knows? Your hashtag might be the next trending tag!)

Choose who can send you invites

We’ve made an update to your Privacy Settings on BandLab too. Now, you can decide who are able to send you invites for projects, collaborations, bands and more. Head over to your Settings page and you’ll find this option under the Privacy settings.

Start making music

Watch this space – more huge features and changes dropping in the near future. We truly cannot wait. Meanwhile, happy creating!

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