Ah, writer’s block – the enemy of all songwriters, professional or bedroom. Luckily we’ve got some tips to help you get out of a rut, and back into the groove.

Have fun with a new instrument

If you’re used to writing songs with your guitar, try putting it down for a moment. Pick up some drumsticks, get on the piano, or play with the BandLab Sampler – using an instrument outside of your comfort zone can help you avoid personal clichés. With each different instrument, you can play with new melodies, rhythms, and keys. You’ll be surprised how they can help to introduce fresh ideas.

Explore a different point of view

Harry Potter wasn’t about J.K. Rowling’s life, but contained elements of her personality as she explored a fantastical fictional world. In the same way, your songs don’t have to be about your own life. If you’re stuck trying to put your emotions into words, try telling a story through someone else’s eyes – real or fictional. Find inspiration in anything from the neighbor’s cat to an anecdote from your best friend – the possibilities are endless. 

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Put a twist on old ideas

Have a half-written song on the back-burner? Here’s a quick and fun exercise. Change up one or more of these elements: pitch, rhythm/tempo, sound design/texture, density or volume. As you change each element, the song will take on a new form. By the fifth element change, you’ve created a completely new song.

Be inspired by your favorite artist

Good songwriting flows easy, just like the rush you feel while jamming to your favorite song. Let your favorite artist be the gateway to inspiration – jam to their song and see if new ideas pop up along the way. Don’t think of it as ripping off their work, but rather a starting point to get you in the groove. 

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Try BandLab’s SongStarter

Did we say inspiration doesn’t fall into your lap? Well, this might be the exception. SongStarter lets you access a universe of unique musical possibilities in just a few clicks, at no cost. Simply input a lyric, emoji, or roll the dice to be surprised. Before you can say “writer’s block”, SongStarter will generate a variety of musical compositions that are entirely yours to keep. You can even select one of three moods for each composition before opening it up in the Mix Editor to begin creating.

This isn’t a one-time thing – try as many times as you want to generate more unique tracks, and go where your creativity takes you! Curious? Try it for yourself here