From the Team / 13 October 2022

BandLab Studio: New name, same great Mix Editor

Originally, the name Mix Editor was exactly what it says: a collaborative tool for you to record, mix, and edit your music. Now, our cloud audio workstation has evolved to become a platform for creators of all stripes, so we decided that a name refresh was in order. We want to better reflect how you make music — and how we see BandLab continuing to grow.

In short, that means Mix Editor is now Studio. Inside you’ll find the same features you’ve come to know and love. It’s your personal space to create — collaboratively with your friends or by yourself — with instruments, sounds, and effects all at your fingertips. Whether you’re on your couch, riding the bus, or in the studio, BandLab Studio meets you there.

Looking Back

We launched in 2015 with an ambitious goal to break down the technological, creative, and geographical barriers for collaborative music making. We’ve been blown away by the music you’ve made in the past seven years, and with each track posted to BandLab we’ve learned a little bit more about what you need to make your best music.

And so we introduced new features like BandLab Sounds, giving you access to a vast library of royalty-free beats, loops, and one-shots, and AutoPitch, so that anyone could sound like the pros. All the while, we continued to improve on the core music-making experiences that make BandLab the go-to place for the 21st century musician: collaborative features to share and remix tracks, an ever-expanding library of instruments and sounds, and world-class amp models and effects — all entirely for free.

A lot has changed since 2015, at BandLab and in the world around us. Studio represents those changes, reflecting the infinite ways music is made today. We want to eliminate any barriers to making music, and the name Studio comes closer to representing your limitless creativity.

Looking Forward

Studio represents so much more than a name. Studio is the place you go to meet up with your friends and make magic happen. It’s where you can browse BandLab Sounds to find the perfect loop for your project, or toss a one-shot into Sampler to build your next drum kit.

Imagine a future where you want to use just the bassline from a track your friend sent you — Studio is the place where you’d mute the other instruments to start building your own beat. It’s where you might leave comments on specific regions in your friend’s project as you build a new song together. It’s where you’d customize your own Fx Preset to share with the world.

Studio is where you’d go from a simple idea to a chart-topping hit.

We’re hard at work building out all these ideas, so that you have everything you need to make the song of your dreams. Of course, it won’t happen overnight, but we promise to keep growing and improving so that Studio remains the very best cloud audio workstation for you.

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