There are many great artists out there, but not many can say they’ve heavily popularized an entire genre – not just any genre – but one that’s loved by the masses. We’re talking about Kyrre Gorve-ll-Dahll, better known as Kygo. And the genre he popularized? Tropical house.

The genre is ubiquitous today, blasting through the speakers in beach clubs from the Bahamas all the way to Bali. It’s a familiar sound that evokes good vibes – a laid-back version of EDM music. The melodies are addictive and ear worm-inducing, with sounds coming from Caribbean instruments like the marimba, steel drum and pan flutes.

Kygo brings the tropical vibes in spades, and in many of his songs, you’ll hear an infectious drop that will transport you to dancing on a beach with a Piña colada in hand.

In this video tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a Kygo style drop that is inspired by his signature tropical house sounds on BandLab’s web Mix Editor.

Inspired to create your own tropical house beat in the style of Kygo? Fork the beat we created in the video to get a headstart!

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