How do you produce a reggae track on BandLab? We show you how.

Reggae is one of the few genres that are instantly recognizable. They don’t have to be Bob Marley tracks for you to know immediately that it’s reggae. Don’t believe us? Try listening to “Red Red Wine” by UB40 or “I Shot The Sheriff” by Eric Clapton. But what is it about this famous groove from Jamaica in the late 60s that makes it so loved and recognizable?

The reggae sound that makes you want to move is famed for its rhythmic patterns. Played in either 4/4 or swing time, the reggae rhythm revolves around the hypnotic bassline and a steady, up-stroked guitar. The sparse, staccato chords land on beats two and four rather than the main beats of the bar. This creates that distinct, steady beat where the bass and guitar complements each other so perfectly.

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In this video tutorial, we show you just how easy it is to produce a reggae track right here on BandLab’s web Mix Editor. Best of all, it’s completely free. You’ve got everything you need to start making music – you just need a web browser.

Fork the reggae beat we created in the video tutorial below. You can use this beat as the baseline to produce your very own reggae track!

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